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Our Partners

At Burrito Bowl, we believe in building strong relationships with the community. We are committed to working with local organizations and businesses to help foster a better society.

Through our Community Partners program, we partner with small businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, and other groups to provide meals to those in need and host events to raise money and awareness for the local community.

Burrito Bowl is proud to be a part of the community and we look forward to continuing to build strong relationships with our partners and the local community.


Wells Bring Hope

The Los Angeles-based nonprofit, Wells Bring Hope, drills wells to bring safe water and
sanitation to rural villages in Niger, West Africa— one of the three poorest countries in the
world according to the 2022 UN Development Index.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness continues to increase its presence by focusing on the one lifelong benefit valued by everyone: good health.

Founded in Southern California in 1984, LA Fitness continues to seek innovative ways to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of our increasingly diverse membership base. Today, our state-of-the-art clubs span the continent, and we’re still expanding. Our strong and successful growth stems from our commitment to understanding and meeting the distinct needs of each community we serve. With our wide range of amenities and a highly trained staff, we provide fun and effective workout options to family members of all ages and interests.

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Middle School South PTO

Parent educational activities, socials, and fund-raisers are held throughout the year and the organizations offer many services to parents/guardians, teachers, and students. PTA/O newsletters are brought home by the students and provide information about meetings and activities. The Superintendent of Schools meets periodically with the PTA/PTO Presidents' Council to discuss the district's goals, programs, and needs.

Associated Human Societies

Associated Humane Societies rescues stray and homeless animals, both domestic and wildlife, providing quality care and sanctuary until loving homes can be found. As a community-based organization, we provide low-cost veterinary care and humane education to promote responsible pet guardianship throughout New Jersey.

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