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Burrito Bowl Mexican Grill_hero.jpg

our story

Food always brings families together especially good, Mexican food. 


Sunil and Ruby, founders of Burrito Bowl along with their daughter, Sia truly enjoy Mexican food; so when they decided to open a restaurant, it took no time to finalize what type of food they will be offering. 

Ruby has always been passionate about creating multi-cultural recipes.  When she was presented with the idea of working on Burrito Bowl's menu, she knew it would be a challenge that she would appreciate.   She quickly learned the details of what it takes to create an authentic Mexican meal and made sure to only use fresh ingredients that go well together.


Sunil with his expertise in managing operations and finances saw a business opportunity in an area that lacked a good Mexican restaurant and began to work on his business plan.   He knew that with his business knowledge, he can lead a successful restaurant even though the odds of the Covid environment were against him.  


With the help of his wife, Ruby, he decided to take the leap in July of 2020 when the first location of Burrito Bowl was launched.   And now, there's a second - very successful location that was recently launched in April of 2022 with a mission to continue to grow the business.